Holy Royal Arch Summer Dinner 15th June 2019

Following the very successful and enjoyable events held in previous years, the Most Excellent Grand
Superintendent will again this year be holding a Summer Dinner, which will be held at the Langstone Cliff
Hotel, Dawlish Warren. The Langstone Cliff is a lovely family run hotel set in its own grounds overlooking the
sea, with ample parking. If you have not attended a function here I recommend looking at their website.  The M.E. Grand Superintendent wishes this to be a relaxed and companionable occasion to which all are welcome: Companions/Partners/Friends etc – and what an excellent way to introduce a possible new member to Freemasonry, or into the Holy Royal Arch!  For more details click below for more details (including hotel booking arrangements) and a booking form.
2019 Summer Dinner Letter.pdf
2019 Summer Dinner Booking Form.pdf

Memory Café Consortium Presentation 

A £10,000 grant from the Provincial Grand Chapter of Devonshire has benefited 53 Memory Cafes in the county. Memory Cafes offer practical and emotional support, information, guidance and friendship to people living with dementia and their carers. Rachel Johnstone, trustee of Devon Memory Cafe Consortium, said: ‘This grant has given hundreds of people moments to remember.’ Grand Superintendent Simon Rowe added: ‘Memory Cafes, which are largely run by volunteers, make a personal difference to the lives of people affected by dementia – and this is a cause very close to the hearts of Freemasons.’ –  Freemasonry Today

EComp. Peter Wilkins 50 years Certificate of Holy Royal Arch Masonry
Pictured left is EComp J. Sevieri DGSupt, presenting E.Comp. Peter Wilkins of St. John the Baptist No.39 with his 50 years Certificate of Holy Royal Arch Masonry.

Exalted in 1968, Peter took the First Principals Chair in 1984 and he presently holds the rank of PPrGSwdB.
EComp J. Seveiri remarked that it was a great honour to be able to do this and he recalled the good work Peter has given – and continues to give – to his Chapter. A true companion!
Brent Chapter presents £1500 to the Grand Superintendent Fund

The Companions of Brent Chapter, Topsham presented EComp Simon Rowe, Grand Superintendent for Devonshire with a cheque for £1500 as part of their years Charitable giving.  EComp. Rowe announced that he was taken a back at the size of the donation to the  Grand Superintendent’s fund and that it would form part of a donation to the Royal College of Surgeons.  The Chapter also made presentations to SSAFA the Armed Forces charity and Kingfishers – who look after the parents of multiple births in Kings College Hospital, London.  

Pictured left are (L to R) EComp. Stephen Oliver, EComp Simon Rowe,  EComp. Tony Dudley-Clarke and EComp. Steve Benford

VWBro. Roy Webber, PGSwdB 70 year certificate of Service to Freemasonry 

VWBro. Roy Webber, PGSwdB, Past Grand Superintendent of Devonshire saluted for his enormous and incredible 70 year contribution to Freemasonry.  At a regular meeting of All Souls Lodge No. 6677 on Monday 19th November 2018, VWBro Roy Webber, PGSwdB Past MEGS of Devonshire, celebrated 70 years continuous service to the Craft.  He was presented with a certificate of long service by WBro. Charles Yelland, PSGD Assistant PGM accompanied by WBro. Chris Yard, PSGD Assistant PGM, VWBro. Chris Pengelly, PGSwdB Past MEGS and VWBro. Simon Rowe, PGSwdB MEGS who all supported Roy on this memorable milestone.  The Lodge 2017 charity steward, WBro. Ian Smith also presented WBro. Chris Yard (Festival 2023 chairman) with an amazing £10,000 cheque in support of the Masonic Charitable Foundation Devonshire Festival 2023 at the same meeting on behalf of the Brethren and Lodge.  Citation:

VWBro Roy Harold Webber PGSwdB, PGSupt: Bro Roy, you entered this world on 6th October 1927 and are a fifth-generation Tivertonian. You were educated at Blundell’s School and this was followed by your National Service in the Royal Air Force in India. Upon demobilisation you attended Bristol School of Pharmacy, qualifying as a Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in 1951, whereupon you went to work for the family pharmacy firm, originally founded by your great grandfather in 1844. You married Mary Stone in 1954 at Tiverton and with her had five children: Simon, Catherine, Jane, Guy and Christopher.  Your interests away from Freemasonry include Round Table, Rotary (for over 30 years) and community matters. You were the Chairman of the Tiverton Museum Society for 18 years, during which time it became the Tiverton Museum of mid- Devon life.  You have served as a Churchwarden of St Peter’s Church, here in Tiverton. You have also been a member of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem.

But perhaps to focus on Freemasonry, as we are here to commemorate your achievements in that. You were Initiated into All Souls’ Lodge No.6677 on 15th November 1949, which was the first regular meeting of the lodge after its Consecration some two weeks before on 27th October. The Master was your father WBro Frank Harold Webber, who was the founding Master of the All Souls’ Lodge No.6677, and so you were the first Initiate of the lodge.You were also the first initiate of the lodge to become its Master, which honour was conferred upon you in 1962, some thirteen years after you joined.  You became a joining member of St Peter’s Lodge No.1125 in 1965 and Blundell’s Lodge No.5469 in 1982.  You were a founder member of Devonian Lodge of Installed Masters No.9249 in 1988, becoming its Master in 1990, and a founder member of the Louis Marchesi Lodge No.9558 in 1994 which has recently made you an honorary member. Your talent and dedication was recognised by RWBro WA Kneel when he appointed you as Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden in 1980. Further promotion to Grand Rank was conferred upon you in the form of PAGDC (1990), PDepGSwdB (1995) and most recently PGSwdB (1999). Completion of your Master Mason’s degree occurred when you were Exalted into the St Peter Holy Royal Arch Chapter No.1125 on 1st October 1952 (thus 66 years’ membership), becoming its First Principal in 1978. You were again involved as a Founder member of Chapter of Rectitude No.335 (Wilts) in 1997, Meridian Chapter No.9653 in 2004, Louis Marchesi Chapter No.9558 in 2017 (founding Z)

Your recognition by the Holy Royal Arch was swift and you became Third Provincial Grand Principal in 1987, acquiring the Grand Rank of PGStB in 1989, and Second Provincial Grand Principal in 1993. In 1995 you became the 16th Grand Superintendent of Devon, the first being that very eminent Freemason, Thomas Dunckerley.  During your seven-year period of office your achievements were many but included, a revision of the Royal Arch ritual, producing a new handbook, the institution of the celebratory dinners for newly-made Grand Officers, the introduction of the first Provincial Royal Arch tie, and, in the absence of any Festival in the Craft at that time, you oversaw the donation of £10,000 to the Devon Air Ambulance which was, at that time, the single biggest donation they had ever received. You have also been active in many other degrees including the degrees of:

Mark Master Mason (PGJO in 1996, VWBro) and RAM (RAM Grand Rank), Royal Order of Scotland, Knights Templar (Past Deputy Great Sword Bearer), Knights Templar Priest, Sovereign Princes Rose Croix (32nd Degree), Red Cross of Constantine (Past Grand Herald), Royal and Select Master s (Past Deputy District GM), Order of the Secret Monitor, Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, Operative Masons.  VWBro Roy you have, in the seventy years since your initiation, made an enormous contribution to Freemasonry in general and the Holy Royal Arch in particular, for which we salute you.

The Holy Royal Arch supports the 2023 Festival

MEGS EComp. Simon Rowe presents a cheque for £5000 from the Holy Royal Arch Companions of Devonshire to RW Bro. Ian Kingsbury, PrGM at the annual Provincial Grand Chapter Convocation held at the RICC Torquay 10th November 2018. It was requested that the cheque be put toward the Devonshire 2023 Festival in aid of the Masonic Charity Foundation (MCF). The Grand Superintendent hoped that this presentation once more illustrated the closeness between the Craft and the Holy Royal Arch.   Picture: EComp. J. Smerdon

The Provincial Scribe Ezra’s report to Provincial Grand Chapter 10th November 2018

Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Excellent Companions and Companions, I have pleasure in submitting, for your consideration and approval, my Annual Report on the activities of the Holy Royal Arch in the Province of Devonshire.
Since my report of November last, several notable events have taken place. In February a team from Metropolitan Grand Chapter performed their playlet ‘In Camera’ at the convocation of Devonian Chapter of First Principals. Created to help companions develop a greater understanding of the Royal Arch, its symbolism and meaning, the presentation was so successful it is planned to form teams to deliver it to other Chapters.  After the summer recess, teams under the management of E. Comps John Sevieri and Gerald Watson have been visiting Craft Lodges performing the playlet ‘Talking Heads’. The demonstrations have been well received and, it is hoped, will give food for thought to Brethren who are not members of our wonderful Order. In March, Queen Victoria Chapter No. 2655 celebrated their Centenary on the evening of their Installation Convocation. The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and his Principals were accompanied by a large contingent of active officers, most of whom had never attended a Centenary Celebration before. The wonderful ceremony we all witnessed was testament to the efforts of the members of Queen Victoria Chapter, resulting in a quite memorable evening that everyone attending fully enjoyed. Also, in March, a ‘Provincial Team’ consisting of the Grand Superintendent, his Co-Principals and Active Provincial Officers, conducted the Exaltation Ceremony at the meeting of St. John’s Chapter No. 328. in Torquay during which W. Bro. John Thompson was made a Royal Arch Companion. The Companions were treated to a delightful ceremony. The Active Officers carrying out the ceremony performed flawlessly and gave our new Companion a wonderful introduction into Royal Arch Masonry.
The Most Excellent Grand Superintendent and his Co-Principals have, between them, been present at every Installation Convocation. At every meeting they and the Chapter have been very well supported by the Grand and Active Officers. On behalf of the Province, I would like to thank the Active Officers for their outstanding commitment and support throughout the year. They have forged new friendships and have been great ambassadors for their respective Chapters. The companionship we have shared with them has been very rewarding.
Too late to add to my report of last year, at the Regular Convocation of Supreme Grand Chapter held in London on 8th November 2017, to celebrate his Golden Jubilee as First Grand Principal, the First Grand Principal conferred some extra Grand Ranks. I, along with E. Comp David Jones, had the great honour to be the Devonshire recipients of the awards. E. Comp David was promoted to Past Assistant Grand Sojourner and I was appointed to Past Grand Standard Bearer. The ceremony at Supreme Grand Chapter was one that we will never forget.
In April, another large contingent of Devonshire Companions attended the Supreme Grand Chapter Annual Investiture to support Companions of our Province receiving preferment. Our congratulations go to E. Comp David Lee on his promotion to Past Assistant Grand Sojourner and E. Comps Alan Gill, Paul Hughes and Peter Roberts on their appointments as Past Grand Standard Bearers. We thank all those who travelled to London to support them and our Most Excellent Grand Superintendent at the Investiture and the subsequent lunch in the Connaught Rooms. We hope they enjoyed the day as much as we did.For the third year in a row I have to report that the number of Royal Arch Companions in our Province stands at 36% of the number of Craft Brethren.
So, it is still the case that two out of every three Brethren in our Province are not yet enjoying the Companionship that we Royal Arch Masons experience at our Convocations. Companions, spread the word; talk to the Brethren in your Lodges who are not wearing a Royal Arch Jewel; speak to your Worshipful Master regarding the ‘Talking Heads’ playlet. Let them know there is so much more to enjoy if they were to complete their ‘journey in Pure and Ancient Freemasonry’ and join us in The Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch.
It is with great sadness, I have to report that, in the year to date, we have lost 50 of our Companions to the Grand Chapter above. The most notable among them being E. Comp Robin Osborn, PGSN, Past Deputy Grand Superintendent; E. Comp Claude White, PAGSoj, E. Comp Ernie Buse, PAGSoj, E.Comp Colin Barret PAGSoj and E. Comp John Fewings, PGStB. The Provincial Team is particularly saddened by the very recent passing of our Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies, E. Comp Ed Winser, after a long illness which he fought with stoicism and outstanding bravery. He and they will be greatly missed.
I have many to thank for their help and advice throughout the year. The ‘Grand Sanhedrin’ for their continued and unwavering support; my Assistant Scribe Ezra, E. Comp Richard Spencer, for his work behind the scenes, and the Provincial Grand Treasurer, E. Comp Conrad Donaldson, who continues to offer wise counsel when sought. To my many ‘unseen’ helpers at the Annual Convocation and other occasions. They are essential to the success of the events and continue to have my grateful thanks.
Finally, I must give thanks to the Scribe Ezra of each of the Chapters in our Province; they continue to be of great help to me with the administration of the Province.
I look forward to the coming year with enthusiasm and wish you all good health to enjoy your Royal Arch Freemasonry to the full.
Anthony J. Parker
Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra

Devonshire Executive travel to Somerset’s Annual Convocation

On Thursday 17th May the members of Devonshire’s Royal Arch Executive made their way to the Webbington Hotel and Spa at Loxton in Somerset. They were attending Somerset’s Annual Convocation. A fuller report on this gathering can be found on Somerset’s Royal Arch website, however, here are a few more words and pictures appertaining to the Devonshire visitors.  As seems to be a feature of these gathering it was another sunny day. On arrival the Devonshire Companions gathered on the main decking overlooking the Levels and the M6. Where the hotel is situated on the lower slopes of the Mendips there was a gentle cooling breeze. Snack lunches and liquid refreshment were consumed in a very convivial setting.  All too soon it was time to don regalia and find seats or one’s position in the entry processions. In the normal course of events this meeting should have been the Investiture of a new Grand Superintendent but, due to machinations at Supreme Grand Chapter over the celebration of 300 years of Freemasonry,

E Comp John Bennett has been granted a five month extension in post. As this was the 10th Anniversary of his Installation he had invited E Comp George Pipon Francis P2ndGPrin, who had installed him, to visit. E Comp Simon Rowe had been another of “George’s Boys” and at Installation meetings recently had been reminding Companions that it would not be too long before he would have to stand down. This was brought home quite forcibly to him at this meeting where he was the senior Grand Superintendent visiting.  After the meeting, and a short pause for refreshment and fresh air, it was back into the adjacent dining room for the evening’s meal. This was another enjoyable gathering after which goodbyes were made and then it was collect cases, find one’s transport and set off home. It had been another warm and enjoyable Convocation.  Featured are a selection of pictures which predominately feature Companions from the “Best Province in the Country” as E Comp Simon likes to remind us all.

E Comp Arthur W Rowe PAGDC

Provincial Grand Chapter 2018 – Senior Officers


I am pleased to advise you that at Provincial Grand Chapter to be held on 10th November 2018, the M.E. Grand Superintendent E. Comp. Simon W. Rowe will be appointing the following Senior Provincial Grand Officers: –

Deputy Grand Superintendent: E. Comp. John D. Sevieri, PGStB., Unity Chapter No. 1247

2nd Provincial Grand Principal: E. Comp. Paul I. Hughes, PGStB., Royal Naval Chapter No. 3337 Elliott Chapter No. 1205

3rd Provincial Grand Principal: E. Comp. Stephen P. Joint, Newton Chapter No. 6129

Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra: E. Comp. Anthony J. Parker, PGStB., Dundas Chapter No. 1255

Provincial Grand Scribe Nehemiah: E. Comp. William S. Humphries, Duncombe Chapter No. 1486

Provincial Grand Registrar: E. Comp. Paul Bradfield, True Love and Unity Chapter No. 248

Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies: E. Comp. Simon N. Wills, Jordan Chapter No. 1402

I am sure you will wish to join in with the congratulations extended to these Companions whose appointments reflect their continuing commitment and support to the Supreme Degree of the Holy Royal Arch in the Province of Devonshire.

Yours sincerely and fraternally,  Tony Parker – Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra

Hauley Chapter double their donation to the Sea Cadets

Hauley Freemasons Chapter based in Dartmouth chose the Dartmouth Sea Cadets as a local organisation to support in April this year by donating £600 to allow three cadets to sail offshore on the sea Cadet Brig T.S. Royalist.  Further to this donation an application was made to the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent who heads the Devonshire Masonic Chapter to match the donation and thanks to his generosity he did exactly that and we have now received another £600 to pass onwards to the cadets.  This will be used to send some of the more junior cadets on power boat courses which will allow them to develop their seaman skills which they are taught at the unit, T.S. Dartmouth.  The picture shows the officer-in-charge CPO Will Davis receiving the cheque from Maurice Huck and Paul Trewin, on behalf of the Dartmouth Masonic Chapter. CPO Will Davis said…  “after such a wonderfull donation originally, we are overwhelmed to receive another £600, the thanks of all the cadets and the staff go out to the Freemasons of Dartmouth”.

Devonian First Principals Chapter donates £5000 to Cancer Care

The Devonian Masonic Chapter of First Principles who meet in Okehampton have raised funds and donated £5000 to five charities throughout Devon, giving £1000 each to North Devon Hospice, Hospiscare Exeter, Force Cancer Charity Exeter, Rowcroft Hospice Torbay & St. Luke’s Hospice Plymouth.  The attached photo shows Debbie Shotton from Rowcroft Hospice receiving their cheque for £1000 from David Jones of The Devonian Masonic Chapter of First Principles. Debbie thanked them for the continuing support they receive from Freemasons throughout Devon without which they could not maintain their care for those who suffer from life restricting illnesses.  David replied by saying that the members of his Chapter are only too aware of how many people, including some that they know who require the support offered by the charity and feel very privileged to be able, with the support of the members of the Devonian Chapter of First Principles to help.

Photo L To R Debbi Shotton & David Jones

£10,000 donated to the Memory Cafe Consortium of Devonshire

£10,000 donation to Devon Memory Cafe Consortium53 Memory Cafes across Devon have benefited from a generous grant from the Provincial Grand Chapter of the HRA Masons of Devonshire, giving people with dementia and their carers ‘moments to remember’.  Memory Cafes offer practical and emotional support, information, guidance and, perhaps most importantly, the hand of friendship to people living with dementia and their carers in the local communities where they live. For many, a visit to their Memory Cafe is the only regular support they receive following a diagnosis. The social contact and peer support gained from spending time with others who have experience of the difficult everyday reality of dementia, is invaluable.  The generous grant was received by Devon Memory Cafe Consortium, the voluntary organisation representing all Devon Memory Cafes, who distributed the funds to individual Memory Cafes enabling them to offer a unique experience to those who ‘live with dementia’ and those who care for them.  The ‘moments to remember’ included, a dementia-friendly film screening of West Side Story, a Tea Dance, a boat trip along the River Exe with a cream tea and a visit to the Royal Albert Memorial Museum to see the ‘Wild and Wondrous Region’ exhibition and to learn more about the history of Dartmoor. Rachel Johnstone, trustee of Devon Memory Cafe Consortium, said, “We are very grateful to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Devonshire for their generous support. Their grant has given hundreds of people who benefit from attending their local memory cafe ‘moments to remember’, as well as the opportunity to engage in unique dementia-friendly activities throughout the county of Devon.”  Simon Rowe, the Grand Superintendent of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Devonshire said, “Memory Cafes, the majority of which are run solely by volunteers, make a personal difference to the lives of people affected by dementia – and this is a cause very close to the hearts of freemasons. We were delighted to be able to contribute in such a way to the work of Memory Cafes across Devon and are grateful to Devon Memory Cafe Consortium for distributing these funds in order to reach as many people affected by dementia as possible.”  There are Memory Café’s located throughout Devon and to name only a few they are in Northam, Barnstaple, Croyde, Ilfacombe, Torrington, South Molton, Winkleigh, Okehampton, Tavistock, Cullompton, Tiverton, Crediton, Plymouth, Ivybridge, South Brent, Kingsbridge, Paignton, Torquay, Bishopsteignton, Budleigh Salterton, Exmouth, Sidmouth, Colyton, Axminster and many more towns which can be found on the Memory Café Consortium Website.

Picture shows MEGS Simon Rowe and the Provincial Grand Almoner Bob Munro presenting the cheque to Rachel Johnstone and Jim Delves trustees of the Consortium.

E. Comp Bob Munro  Provincial Grand Almoner

E.Comp. Harry Softley celebrates 50 years in the HRA

At the Installation Convocation of Fortescue Chapter No.847 on Wednesday 21st March 2018, the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of Devonshire, E.Comp Simon W. Rowe presented E.Comp. Harry W.A. Softley PPGSN (Middlesex), with a 50 year Certificate in recognition of, and sincere appreciation for, Fifty Years dedicated service to Royal Arch Masonry.  E.Comp. Harry Softley was Initiated on 23rd September 1963 into Ruislip Priory Lodge No.7290 in Middlesex and joined later Fortescue Lodge No.847 becoming WM in 2003. He was Exalted into Harefield Chapter No.7417 in January 1968, served as MEZ in 1977 and was appointed treasurer from 1977-1988. He was a founder of Arther Hollins Chapter No.8785 in Middlesex in 1981 and served as MEZ in 1985. He was appointed to Provincial Chapter Rank in Middlesex to PPGPSoj in 1982 and promoted to PPGSN in 1993.  Moving to Honiton in Devon he then joined Fortescue Chapter No.847 in 1996, served as ‘J’ in 2010 and ‘H’ in 2011 but then stood down due to his late wife’s deteriorating health, caring for her until she passed away August 2017. On presenting the certificate, E.Comp. Simon Rowe, MEGS gave on behalf of everyone his best wishes and congratulations to E.Comp Softley. The Companions applauded most warmly.

Tide turns for 3 Dartmouth Sea Cadets

The Masons from Hauley Chapter, Dartmouth have sponsored three of the cadets from TS Dartmouth Sea Cadet Unit enabling them to take part in an off shore sailing week during the coming year.  £600 was raised by the members of the Chapter which meets in Hauley Hall, Dartmouth, The master Morris Huck and the charity steward Paul Trewin visited the cadet headquarters BRNC, where the presentation was made to Will Davis, Officer in Charge of TS Dartmouth Cadet Unit, he was accompanied by Cadets 1st class Murphy and Didsbury also Leading Cadet Greening who also has the honour of being the 1st Sea Lords Cadet of the year for the Southwest.  Will Davis when receiving the cheque said how grateful they all were for the superb amount raised on behalf of the three cadets, saying that the money would go towards the three cadets adventure which has a total cost of almost £1000, the job of raising the balance is in their hands which will be seen as another measure of their determination to succeed, not only in this task but in life.  The photograph shows L to R. Maurice Huck, Cadets Murphy & Didsbury, Will Davis & Paul Trewin.  Further information contact: Harry Escott 01803 834296. 

Clive Eden Provincial Press Officer

Supreme Grand Chapter – 2018

The M.E Grand Superintendent is pleased to announce that, at Supreme Grand Chapter, to be held on Thursday 26th April 2018, the following Companions will be honoured by the M.E. First Grand Principal with appointment to, or promotion in, Supreme Grand Chapter: –

First Appointment:

E. Comp A.R. Gill, Pleiades Chapter No. 710, Past Grand Standard Bearer

E. Comp P.I. Hughes, Royal Naval Chapter No. 3337, Past Grand Standard Bearer

E. Comp P.D. Roberts, Sir Joshua Reynolds Chapter No. 4782, Past Grand Standard Bearer


E. Comp D.R. Lee, True Love and Unity Chapter No. 248, Past Assistant Grand Sojourner

The M.E. Grand Superintendent would like to congratulate these Companions who have been rewarded for their continuing commitment to, and support of, the Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch in Devonshire.

Tony Parker, PGStB – Provincial Grand Scribe Ezra

St. Lukes Hospice receiving their cheque for £1000

The Devonian Masonic Chapter of First Principles who meet in Okehampton have raised funds and donated £5000 to five charities throughout Devon, giving £1000 each to North Devon Hospice, Hospiscare Exeter, Force Cancer Charity Exeter, Rowcroft Hospice Torbay & St. Luke’s Hospice Plymouth.  The attached photo shows Nurse Zoe from St. Lukes Hospice receiving their cheque for £1000 from David Jones of The Devonian Masonic Chapter of First Principles. Zoe thanked them for the continuing support they receive from Freemasons throughout Devon without which they could not maintain their care for those who suffer from life restricting illnesses.  David replied by saying that the members of his Chapter are only too aware of how many people, including some that they know who require the support offered by the charity and feel very privileged to be able, with the support of the members of the Devonian Chapter of First Principles to help.

Photo L To R Nurse Zoe & David Jones

Chapter donates £5000 to Cancer Care in Devon

Devonian Chapter of First Principals donate cheque for £1000The Devonian Masonic Chapter of First Principles who meet in Okehampton have raised funds and donated £5000 to five charities throughout Devon, giving £1000 each to North Devon Hospice, Hospiscare Exeter, Force Cancer Charity Exeter, Rowcroft Hospice Torbay & St. Luke’s Hospice Plymouth.  The attached photo shows Ollie Watts from Force Cancer Charity in Exeter receiving their cheque for £1000 from Roger Smith Charity Steward & Richard Buckler Secretary of the Chapter. He thanked them for the continuing support they receive from the Freemasons throughout Devon without which they could not maintain their care for those who suffer from life restricting illnesses.  Roger replied by saying that the members of his Chapter all know of friends who have required the supported offered by the charity and feel very privileged to be able, with the support of the members of the Devonian Chapter of First Principles to help.

Photo L To R Roger Smith Ollie Watts, Richard Buckler

Annual Investiture of Supreme Grand Chapter

Dear Companions, This year’s Annual Investiture of Supreme Grand Chapter will be held at Freemasons’ Hall, Great Queen Street in London on Thursday 26th April starting at 11.15am.  Our M.E. Grand Superintendent is keen that as many Devonshire companions join him to support those companions who will be receiving preferment to Grand Rank at that convocation. This convocation is open to all companions. The dress code is morning suit/dark suit, white shirt, the Royal Arch tie, or plain black tie (not provincial tie) with appropriate Aprons/Sashes, Collars & Jewels.  As in previous years many companions travel to London by train and currently the following ideal times for the trains to/return are: – 0553hrs train from Plymouth arriving at London Paddington at 0951hrs., our return train is the 1703hrs from London Paddington returning to Plymouth at 2117hrs .  Please check train ticket prices carefully as they will vary over different websites.  After the convocation has finished we then join E.Comp. Simon Rowe for the lunch held at the Connaught Rooms adjacent to Freemasons’ Hall. The cost of the lunch is still to be confirmed, but will be around £48 pp. Menu details and cost will be forwarded later.  If you wish to attend, please book your train tickets direct and inform me (by email) if you wish to dine on the Devonshire tables. I will then co-ordinate our numbers for lunch with E.Comp. Simon Rowe.  We hope to have your company on this very enjoyable day at Freemasons’ Hall and I look forward to hearing from you.

E.Comp. John Sevieri, PGStB  2nd Provincial Grand Principal

Devon and Somerset Farmers Chapter No.9250 meeting in Somerset – 2018

On 31st January Companions from both Counties made their way to Wellington for the Chapter’s Annual trip over the border. There was very good visiting support from both Provinces which resulted in over 70 dining. The published agenda showed that an Exaltation would be performed but on arrival it was found that the candidate was unable to attend. However, word passed around that a stand in to allow the Officers to show off their well rehearsed ceremony, following the adoption of a new ritual book that had been produced, had been found. His identity was being kept a closely guarded secret.

At the appointed hour the Chapter was duly opened and the early business soon attended to. During this the Almoner gave a short exposition on how much support the Chapter had received, since its inception, from the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of Somerset who by the time of the Chapter’s next foray into Somerset will have stepped down from that Office. He closed his comments with the presentation of a small gift. E Comp John Bennett responded saying what a terrific Chapter it had developed into and how he would continue to support it and attend as many meetings as possible. When item 5 was reached the MEZ announced that the candidate to be Exalted would be known upon entry as Bro Simon William Rowe.  The Sojourners steadily led the Candidate through the ceremonial. Most of those attending were listening for Devon & Somerset variations in their newly adopted ritual but found little of note until the phrase  “Three Master Masons from the Barbican”.  Speculation abounded both then and later as to whether this was the Barbican in Plymouth, in Torbay or even the Theatre in Central London. No doubt this will be one of those imponderables whose origin is lost in the mists of time.  The ceremony was duly completed and the new Companion brought to the Principals. He is also shown with the Chapter Sojourners.

Holy Royal Arch helps North Devon Hospice

Following the recent donation made by the Craft Freemasons of Devonshire of £1630 to the North Devon Hospice Tony Clapham from the Devonian Masonic Chapter of First Principles was again welcomed by Claire Sherwood of the North Devon Hospice when he arrived with further cheque for £1000 .When presenting the cheque Tony said how much the masonic institution value the work done by the hospices in caring for those with limited life expectations.  Claire responded by saying how much they appreciated the continuing support of the Freemasons.

Jordan and Petitor Chapters get togetherE.Comp. C. A. Roach, Deputy Grand Superintendent of Devonshire was assisted by E.Comp. K. Hurley, 3rd. Provincial Grand Principal, most ably dedicated a Chapter tracing board on behalf of Jordan and Petitor chapters.  The dedication was received with prolonged acclaim.  The photograph shows E. Comps. C.A. Roach and K. Hurley with the three Jordan Principals and the first and second Principals from Petitor Chapter.E. Comp. G. Tricker, Jordan Chapter No.1402