Installation Address to Pr. Grand Chapter

June 26 2021 

Companions, may I first and foremost thank you for attending today to support me in my new office as your Grand Superintendent of this wonderful Province of Devonshire. Needless to say, it is a very proud, yet humbling moment for me to trusted with such responsibility and one which will no doubt bring many challenges, Joys, and sometimes difficult decisions. I wish to take this opportunity to, sincerely and personally, thank Excellent Companion Christopher Pengelly for installing me. Sir, you chose to invite me onto your Team as a Deputy DC over 14 years ago and I had the honour of serving you for the rest of your Term of office and then of course I have since been privileged for the last 10 years to serve the Province under Simon’s stewardship. The standards set by yourself, and Simon were very high; you both went about the task with great dignity, wisdom and humility. I shall now be proudly following your leaderships, drawing on your vast experience as guidance and, at the same time, bringing my own Passion, Respect and Dedication to this honoured and responsible role. Today I have been delighted to formally install Gerald Watson as my Deputy Grand Superintendent. In doing so I am confident that I have a steady and very experienced Companion on whom we can all rely. Welcome back aboard Gerald. I have also been able to reaffirm Paul Hughes as the second Provincial Grand Principal and Stephen Joint as Third Provincial Grand Principal. It has been a great pleasure to install Steven Shaw as Director of Ceremonies, and I hereby again reaffirm the appointment of and formally congratulate all the other Provincial Grand Chapter Officers. Before I move to closing my address, I am taking this opportunity to explain my reasons for choosing this particular Masonic Temple. I have a great affinity with this building. My Grandfather was a member here, my Father also and, as a Past Master of Torbay Lodge, was invited to take the chair again for my initiation back in January 1979. I joined Torbay Chapter here in 1984 and scarily now find myself shown on the Summons as the most senior Past Zerubbabel!! Needless to say, I am planning to hold onto that dubious honour for as long as possible. That said however, I can at least say that I am not the oldest member and I shall therefore comfort myself that thought. Companions, we have all been through a tough time over the last 16 months or so, hopefully as we move forward, we can get back to whatever the new normal will be. One thing is for sure though we must not take risks or be seen to take risks. We must be patient and understanding to those of our fellow Companions who want to come back but perhaps are not yet feeling confident to do so. We must not push or pressurise; we must support and encourage because that is what Freemasonry and Companionship is all about. In conclusion, we have a wonderful Province here in Devonshire. I have been selected by our leaders to ensure that continues at the same time, making plans for the future and, of course, supporting Freemasonry in general. We must endeavour to increase membership of the Holy Royal Arch, and this can only be done with your enthusiasm and pride. We must explain the message sent by our Rulers; Pure and Ancient Masonry consists of only three degrees. Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason, including the Supreme Degree of the Holy Royal Arch. Companions I will be doing my best for you all in the tasks ahead. I cannot do this on my own however, but looking around this room, I can be reassured that you will be there doing whatever you can too. Thank you Companions